About Us.


Who Are We?

At Distributol, we understand that delays in Hemp product delivery can cause problems for users. To ensure timely delivery of industry-leading Hemp products, we have developed a versatile Hemp distribution service that is serving various market segments across the Globe.

We aim to turn Distributol into a one-stop Hemp products distribution shop for our valued clients through multiple industries. Hemp distribution requires utmost care, careful handling of products, and a fast, smooth supply chain. Hemp is used to creating many unique products having various useful applications.

What Makes Us Unique?

We realize that hemp products can lose freshness if not handled and shipped quickly. These products must be shipped to their users within the shortest turnaround time. We make this possible using a robust supply chain that facilitates smooth product distribution. Our supply chain and product distribution mechanism are highly efficient in the state. We ensure that your purchased Hemp product reaches you in the shortest time possible. The following makes us stand out in the supply chain industry:

Meeting The Supply Chain Framework

At Distributol, we’ve spent time and resources developing a supply chain framework that gets the job. Our system is unique as it meets the stipulations of a versatile supply chain process identified by the Bureau of Hemp Control.

Our supply chain system allows wholesale distributors to make the most of various aspects of a supply chain.

Serving Various Market Segments

Distributol takes pride in partnering with market-leading clients and fulfilling their Hemp needs. We help them find their preferred hemp products offering unique attributes, and ship those to them when they need them.

Legal Compliance

We have an efficient Hemp product supply chain that ensures the delivery of ordered products without delays. Our lawmakers have established a Hemp distribution system that covers aspects of the supply chain.

Our supply chain is unique for a variety of reasons. We ensure complete compliance with the 11b License that allows us to operate as a cutting-edge B2B distribution hub and showcase top-rated Hemp products all-over the Globe.

The license also allows us to develop sales strategies such as storage and transportation, pawn storage, and B2B sales of cannabis products.

Additionally, the license qualifies Distributol as a mobile armored hemp distribution showroom to promote and sell its merchandise.

Our Fleet

To ensure smooth delivery through an efficient supply chain, we maintain a versatile fleet of vehicles in various categories. The fleet consists of armored trucks, pickups, and vans that deliver products to customers across the state.

Want to learn more about Distributol’s hemp product distribution service? Give us a call, or email your queries to our support staff for more information on our hemp distribution services.